There are many threats in the world of NFT and blockchain today.

One of them is the SCAM (a fraudulent or deceptive act or transaction, with the aim of scamming you).

This can be done by malicious people pretending to be official members of a project team. Or by promising to save you transaction fees by doing a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) transaction without a trusted intermediary (a Market Place like Scove.io is a trusted intermediary) and end up never sending you the money or the NFT due once you have made your upload.

Scove will NEVER ask you to send NFTs or other items via discord.

Also, one of the techniques used by hackers is "phishing", which consists of sending you a malicious link asking you to log in or send your login and password in order to retrieve information, money and NFT.

Scove will NEVER ask you for your login information on discord or any other means!

How will we protect you from this?

The safety of our users is our priority! Here are our recommendations and tools to protect you:

  1. Do not trade without a trusted third party --> Choose a marketplace such as Scove.io which guarantees the sale of your NFT and ensures that you receive the money from your sale

  2. We have set up an "Anti-phishing code", you can set it up from your profile, do not share it with anyone:

If you receive a message from a bot discord "Scove" without your Anti-phishing code appearing, it is a SCAM! Delete the conversation immediately and do not click on any links!

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