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Verified Creator Program

The Verified Creator program highlights's recognised collection creators so that users can be confident of the authenticity of their NFTs. It also provides them with a set of advantages allowing them to develop their NFTs projects on the Elrond blockchain.
Conditions of access to the Verified Creator Program:
  • Reach 100 EGLD volume traded on your collection
  • Have a website
  • Have a whitepaper
  • Have a Twitter
  • Have a community of over 3000 members on Discord or Twitter
  • Fill the following form:
  • Privileged means of communication with the Scove team (Discord)
  • Possibility to exchange with the other Verified Creators via a dedicated space on the discord Collection page with the "Verified Creator" design
  • Official Scove communication on the project and its main steps
  • Highlight on the homepage of the collections
  • “Verified Creator" badge
  • Implantation of the personalized ranking