🎨Create your NFT!

Scove.io gives you the possibility to create your own NFT collection without any fees.

However, you need to prepare some elements to create a collection:

To prepare before creating your NFT on Scove.io

In order to create your own NFT on Scove.io, you have to create a collection via this same page on Scove. On Elrond blockchain, each NFT must be linked to a collection!

You have the choice to create 2 types of collections:

  • An SFT collection: Each NFT created will be identical to the others but in variable quantity.

  • An NFT collection: Each NFT created will be unique and with a fixed quantity.

When you create a collection you must fill in this information:

  • Name of your collection

  • Collection ticker. Example: SCOVE. At the time of creation this name will be transformed into TICKER. Example: SCOVE-127252. This ticker will be unique and will identify the authenticity of your collection.

  • Collection type: SFT (Variable quantity) or NFT (Fixed quantity)

  • Roles: Freezable / wipeable / pauseable / Transferable Create Role

To be filled in on Scove.io when creating your NFT:

  • The visual of your NFT (please check the supported formats)

  • Name: Your NFT name

  • Description: Your NFT description

  • Tags: Tags that identify your collection (optional - Scove feature)

  • Royalties: The royalty percentage (percentage of the sale price you will receive for each sale of your NFT on a marketplace)

  • Attributes: The list of your attribute names and their values (optional)

Once you have all these elements, you just have to go to the NFT page on Scove.io and create your collection!

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