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We revolutionise your MarketPlace experience is a new marketplace on The Elrond Blockchain.
We aim to provide a solution and innovation for the Elrond ecosystem. We are convinced that Elrond is one of the best blockchain solutions provided to date.
As convinced Elrond-adopters, our ambition is to bring real added value to the ecosystem. This will start with a new, fluid, user-friendly and innovative marketplace. We also want to offer a complete environment to our users. We have been thinking a lot about new features and innovations that could help Elrond grow and reach the user base it deserves.
Security, experience and innovation are our mottos.
We believe that you are not simply there to buy and sell NFTs, we strive every day to come up with innovations and tools that can make your experience more enjoyable.
Discord integration, anti-scam security code, collection customisation possibilities, payment in ESDT tokens...these are just a few examples of the experience we want to offer you.
Collection Creator? Our Teamis available to assist you with your project and its listing on our platform. You can also benefit from the Verified Creator Program​
Buyer/Seller? You can find all the information you need on how the platform works here: How does it work?​
Finally, in order to keep you informed of all our news, do not hesitate to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter Official links​
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